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NEW!!! - Brightest Star In The Sky Packages

Brightest Star in the Sky Package Pandy.
Brightest Star in the Sky Package Rainbo
Brightest Star in the Sky Package Flopsy
We are so excited to bring you our "Brightest Star In The Sky Packages".  A fabulous collaboration with Carrie Ball to help children deal with the loss of a family pet.
Carrie contacted me recently via the networking site MIBA - Mums In Business Association because she loved my CACF bears and cuddlies and told me about her idea of combining them with her Brightest Star In The Sky Pack - A Children's guide to the loss of a pet. 
I am all about making a difference and helping parents provide the best childhood possible for their Little Lovelies and jumped at the chance to be involved with something that will help children through a difficult time. The thought that my Cuddly Friends could bring comfort, support and love to a child at such a sad and challenging time warmed my heart and I started picking the best Cuddlies for the job straight away!
Carrie's pack is a gentle step by step guide for Children to talk them through what happens if a pet has to be put to sleep by the vet and then goes on to discuss feelings and emotions.  The pack also includes a beautiful letter to your child from the pet to let them know that they are happy and ok.  The pack also provides useful contact numbers, websites and books that may help your child further if required.
As you probably have guessed... the Package also contains one of my Cuddly Friends for the child to make.  The hope here is that the activity will take the child's mind off of the loss of their pet, and the new Cuddly Friend can provide comfort and cuddles when little one needs it.  The Cuddly comes with an adoption certificate that can be personalized.  The child may choose to call their cuddly the same name as the pet they have lost, its birthday could also be the same as the pet and there is also space to state why the cuddly is special. Your child could put that the cuddly is special because it was sent by their pet to remember them and keep them company. ❤  
These are just suggestions, however I think this really helps to make the new Cuddly Friend extra special in whatever way helps the child.  ❤
The packages are available now via the link below.  There are 8 different Cuddly Friends available in the packages.  I have chosen a mixture of bears and cuddlies to try and cover all tastes, and rest assured that the ones I have picked are the best Cuddlies for the job!
Carrie and I are excited and proud of what we have put together and genuinely hope that the packages will help your Little Lovelies deal with their sadness and grief and help them to smile and feel lots better about what has happened.
Love, Magic and Sparkles.
Michelle x x x 
Brightest Star In The Sky Packages 
More About Carrie Ball
Carrie Ball is a Companion Animal Bereavement Counsellor based in Bury Greater Manchester. After working in veterinary practice as a Veterinary Care Assistant she decided to set up her own pet bereavement counselling service. Helping people before and after losing a beloved animal.
For more information please visit Carries website and Facebook page
Brightest Star in the Sky Package Rainbo
Brightest Star in the Sky Package Glits
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