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Working in conjuction with Carrie Ball Animal Bereavement Counselling we have come up with these wonderful packages to help anyone who is struggling after the loss of a pet. 

The pack has been put toghether specifically to help provide support, advice and comfort when you need it most. 

We have included the Cuddly Friend in the hope that they can provide lots of cuddles and companionship at this difficult time.


Whats included?

* "The Brightest Star In The Sky" - A Childrens guide to the loss of a pet

* A personalised letter for your child from the pet

* 16 inch Shadow the Dog

* Bag of stuffing

* Heart insert

* Adoption Certificate

* P&P

Please note tha these packages are £20 in total, Once you get to checkout it will show the correct amount due of £20.

Brightest Star In The Sky Package - Shadow The Black lab

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